How to disable “Google Lens” in Chrome and return the old image search

If you often search for similar images in higher resolution, you have probably noticed recent changes in the browser.

How to disable Google Lens in Chrome and bring back the old image search

With one of the latest updates to Chrome on PC, the way you search for images has changed. Now, when you right-click on an image, a context menu opens, where there is no usual “Find image” item, but there is “Find using Google Lens”.

 How to disable

The “Lens” or Lens itself is a rather useful service. It helps to recognize things and objects in the photo and search for them on the Web on other sites, for example, to buy. However, its implementation in the usual search for images in the browser has deprived users of the basic ability to search by image when Chrome searches for the same images in different resolutions.

Returning the old search can be done in a couple of steps:

    < li>Open Chrome and type chrome://flags in the address bar. A section with new and experimental features will open.

How to disable

  • In it, you need to find Search your screen with Google Lensand, on the contrary, select the Disabled value.
  • Chrome will ask you to restart and after that the usual image search will return.

How to disable

Since the image search function through the “Lens” is in the list of experimental settings, Google may still drop it with the next browser update.