Google shuts down YouTube Go

Time to switch to the standard version.

Google is shutting down the service YouTube Go

Daria Gromova

Google is shutting down the YouTube Go service

YouTube Support reported that the YouTube Go Android app was shutting down in August of this of the year. Its users are encouraged to switch to the regular YouTube app, or the browser-based version of youtube.com.

The post notes that the main goal of YouTube Go was to provide access to content in countries with poor connection quality, expensive Internet and the prevalence of low-cost low-power smartphones. Since then, Google has finalized the main application for comfortable work in such conditions: it has been adapted for low-end devices and work in conditions of unstable connection.

Google is also working on a feature to reduce traffic consumption and plans to release it in the near future.< /p>

According to the comments, an important reason why some users prefer the Go version to the standard application is the function to disable short videos Shorts, which is not available in regular YouTube. It is not yet known whether this feature will be moved to the main application, or whether it will have to say goodbye with Go in August.