Google launches new Drive client for Windows and macOS

It will allow you to synchronize local folders on your PC and files from external drives. -i-macos-ad9c3b8.jpg” alt=”Google launches new Drive client for Windows and macOS” />

Google has announced the launch of a new Drive app for Windows and macOS. It will become available to all users in the coming weeks and will gradually replace the Backup and Sync program. The latter will stop working in October this year.

Google is launching a new client

The updated service client should significantly simplify the process of backing up data and synchronizing files on a PC. It will be a unified solution for both personal use and teamwork, including in the corporate sector.

With the new client, all users will receive:

  • The ability to synchronize local folders (such as Documents or Desktop) with Google Drive.
  • Ability to sync photos and videos with Google Photos without having to open a browser.
  • Ability to sync files from external storage devices (such as USB sticks or hard drives).
  • Ability to sign in at the same time with four Google accounts.
  • Ability to “mirror” files from your PC to the cloud so that you can access your most important data from your computer from anywhere in the world.

Google is launching a new client

The application will also add integration with Microsoft Outlook, useful notifications and step-by-step instructions for archiving and synchronizing data.

Switch to new “Disk” will be possible after the appearance of a corresponding notification from Google. The developers promise to transfer everyone to a unified client before the fall.