Common Windows virus now infects macOS

It gives attackers access to files and user accounts, while being extremely difficult to detect. zarazhaet-i-macos-387c631.jpg” alt=”Common Windows virus now infects macOS” />

Formbook, one of the most popular types of malware for Windows, has been around for more than 5 years – after “rebranded” in 2020, it is called XLoader. According to Check Point Research, a cybersecurity company, a modification is now available on hacker forums that allows you to attack computers running macOS.

XLoader is distributed mainly through phishing emails – as a rule, attackers encourage a potential victim to open the attached file (usually Microsoft Word documents). Once logged into the system, XLoader is able to transfer account data, screenshots, keystroke reports and allows you to remotely launch software, while it is almost impossible for a regular user to notice its activity.

It is interesting that the prices for different versions of XLoader differ: if the modification for Windows costs $59 for a month or $129 for three, then for macOS it will cost $49 and $99 respectively. It is reported that the software has been in circulation since the end of 2020, while for 6 months from December 1, 2020 it was used in 69 countries. More than half (53%) of those affected are from the United States. -macos-d3d1fb6.png” alt=”Common Windows virus now infects macOS” />

The Formbook family has been named the fourth most popular malware group over the past year and the sixth all time.