Google Chrome will transfer a one-time SMS code from a smartphone to a PC

The feature will only work with Android.

Google Chrome will now transfer a one-time SMS code from a smartphone to a PC

In the new version of the Chrome browser, the function of automatic substitution of one-time SMS codes on a PC is being tested received on a smartphone. This eliminates the need to manually type a combination of numbers to verify the user's identity.

Transfer of one-time SMS code from smartphone to PC will appear in Google Chrome

For this feature to work correctly, you will need to use the same Google account on your PC and smartphone browsers. Everything works as simple as possible:

  • a site offers to confirm the operation using a one-time code on a smartphone;
  • the user agrees – an input window opens on the site;
  • < li>the code arrives on the smartphone, it is read by mobile Chrome and sent to the PC version of the browser;

  • the code is automatically inserted into the input window on the PC.

The technology is based on WebOTP (Web One Time Password) interface, which must be supported by the site in order for the code transfer to work. In addition, the feature will only be available on Android smartphones. It is currently available in beta version of Chrome 93, and after the testing phase it should be implemented in the stable version of the browser.