Games from Google Play will appear on Windows

Already next year.

 Games from Google Play will appear on Windows

At TGA 2021, developers presented many game projects that await us in the coming years, but at least one announcement was unexpected. Google has announced plans to bring Android games to Windows. And we are not talking about porting individual successful projects, but about a full-fledged new game store.

In an interview for Android Police, Google representatives emphasized that the company will deal with distribution on its own. This solution will allow users of Android smartphones or tablets to pick up where they left off on their Windows PC or ChromeOS PC.

Note that this sounds similar to the Games Future project, which became known in the summer. This is Google's plan to bring Android games to Windows and macOS, which the company has scheduled until 2025. If so, then in the future the company will announce the expansion of the program to the Apple desktop system.

So far, additional details have not been disclosed, but Android games should come to Windows as early as 2022, and Google will certainly talk about the project more over the next months.