Chrome gets a new permissions panel and is even more secure

Google developers talked about the innovations of the 92nd version of the browser. -bezopasnee-39d3daa.jpg” alt=”Chrome got a new permissions panel and is even more secure” />

User-friendly permission system

The site you visit can request access to the microphone, location, and camera. Tracking this has become much easier in the new version of Chrome. Now, if you just tap the padlock icon on the left side of the Chrome address bar, a new panel with all the permissions for a particular site will appear.

Chrome got a new permissions panel and is even more secure

From there, you can quickly allow or disallow listening to you, filming, or tracking your location. In the next update, the developers will add the ability to remove a site from browsing history in Chrome.

The updated site controls are already appearing in Chrome on Android smartphones and tablets, and will later appear on other platforms.

New Chrome Actions

Chrome Actions is a quick and easy way to take action right from your browser's address bar. For example, if you type “delete history” or “change passwords”, you can get to those options with a single tap. Since their introduction in November 2020, they have become quite popular, and now their capabilities are expanding.

New Chrome Actions will allow you to manage your privacy and security. Just type “security check” to check password security or scan your browser for malicious extensions. You can also type “manage security settings” or “manage sync” to quickly access the relevant settings.

Improved site isolation and phishing detection

Site isolation to handle each resource separately, will now cover a wider range of sites as well as extensions. Along with this, improvements are being introduced that significantly speed up Chrome – phishing detection will now work 50 times faster and consume much less energy, which is especially true for laptops.