4 ways to store your bike if there is no space at home

Options for every taste and budget. ” alt=”4 ways to store a bike if there is no room at home” />

Anastasia Korzunova Editor-in-Chief of the Time for a Bike project, Traffic Management Center.

1. Bicycle Workshop

4 ways to store your bike when there's no space at home

  • Want to use: people with an expensive bike looking for a comfortable place to put it in the winter.
  • Cost: storage – about 600 rubles per month, delivery from and to the workshop – about 1,400 rubles.

A great option when you don’t want to think about storage and care at all: at the end of autumn you give away a battered bike, and at the beginning of spring you take away a clean and ready-to-ride vehicle. The workshop will carry out an inspection, wash the bike and leave it to be stored in suitable conditions. And if you want, they will deliver it back to your home.

Usually, places are rented for November-March, so you won’t be able to leave the bike in the workshop in the summer.

Ivan Martynov Van-Bike service master.

Workshop storage is suitable for above-average bikes. After all, it doesn't come cheap! Some people buy something like a bicycle for this money.

How to prepare for storage

Not all workshops offer winter storage, so you have to research the market in advance: study the websites of large stores and rentals, call to district workshops.

2. Box

4 ways to store your bike when there's no room at home

  • Want to use:people who are looking for a place to store other things and are not going to travel in winter.
  • Price: 600–3,000 rubles per month.

Boxing is more expensive than a workshop, so it is unprofitable to take it only for a bicycle. But if you have a snowboard or, for example, old furniture, this option immediately becomes more attractive. After preparation, the bike can be safely left for long-term storage.

However, in many small towns there are no such services, and it is inconvenient to constantly keep a bicycle in a box – for each trip you have to return to the warehouse.

A garage looks like a box, even the preparation for storage is the same . This option is more expensive, but the place is easy to find in almost any city. And to save money, you can rent a garage with friends.

How to prepare for storage

It is better to inspect the bike, and wrap delicate parts like derailleurs, stars and brakes in packaging film with air balls. The latter can be bought at a hardware store. If the box is unheated, it is also worth removing, replacing or lubricating individual parts, and leaving some at all at home. A mechanic will help with the preparation – some points depend on the bike and the time of year.

3. Street

4 ways to store your bike when there's no room at home

  • Want to use:people who constantly cycle and live in a yard with good public control.
  • Cost: free, but you have to buy a padlock.

Favorite storage place for cycling activists: you can sit down and ride, and not waste time on the elevator, stairs, narrow doors or the way to the garage, and no one has to pay. True, you will have to buy a good lock – this is about 10% of the price of a bicycle.

The street seems like an unsafe option, but in front of passers-by, it is inconvenient for thieves to tinker in the castle. Criminals prefer quiet, sparsely populated premises, rather than a street or courtyard where someone is constantly walking.

Anna Kuzmina Head of the Yandex.Food and Yandex.Lavka cycling security department.

I store my bikes outside. The residents of my porch are the most attentive guards you could find.

How to prepare for storage

On the street, the bike becomes unusable faster, so it is worth lubricating and wiping it more often, and if you wish, visit the mechanic a couple of times a month. Especially in winter. However, you can not spend money – the bike will not stop riding.

Ivan Martynov Van-Bike service master.

Before wintering, it is better to service the bike: replace the lubricant in all nodes with a moisture-resistant one, lubricate the chain liberally, and treat the rubber with glycerin. You can gently apply preservation grease to the varnish with a sponge.

And to leave the bike on the street and not worry, it does not hurt to do the following:

  • Buy a lock. And better two – on the frame and on the wheel. A one-piece U-lock (in the shape of an English U or a horseshoe) is more difficult to figure out than a composite one (chain or briquette). You can also focus on the score on the scale of security. Similar ratings make up How to choose a bike lock/#velonation lock manufacturers and label their products. According to popular wisdom, a lock should cost about 10% of the bike. Allegedly, with this ratio, it will be too expensive for thieves to mess with the lock and they will go looking for something less secure.
  • Choose a secure parking spot. This could be bike racks, poles or road fences. But fences and handrails won't work – the more difficult it is to “dismantle” a parking space, the safer it is.

Anna Kuzmina Head of the Bicycle Safety Department at Yandex.Food and Yandex.Lavka.

Thieves resell expensive bikes for parts. As for cheapness, my bikes cost between 60 and 140 thousand and are stored on the street – I hope for a good lock. And on the seat for 10 thousand I put on a snow bag. So far it works.

4. Porch

4 ways to store your bike when there's no room at home

  • Want to use: people who don't like other options.
  • < strong>Cost: free, but you have to buy a lock and spend your nerves.

The cycling community considers the entrance not a very safe place: thieves can pick the locks for at least hours, especially at night. Not even the cameras will save. But if there are no other options, then you can try this one.

Konstantin Trudik Bicycle activist and urbanist.

The entrance is the worst storage place and the leader in the number of thefts.

Problems can be not only with thieves, but also with the law. It is impossible to store things in the vestibule and in the stairwell. The Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of April 25, 2012 “On the fire regime” is a threat to fire safety. In reality, many do this, because with a sufficient width of the corridors, bicycles do not interfere with the evacuation. However, for such a violation, they can still be fined a couple of thousand rubles, and not all neighbors will be happy with other people's bicycles in the stairwell.

How to prepare for storage

A few tips that may come in handy .

  • Use locks.Suitable models cost about 10% of the price of the bike. They need to be hung on the frame and wheel.
  • Do not forget about the inspection. Due to the temperature difference when leaving the entrance, it is better to give the bike to mechanics at the end of winter or autumn.
  • Buy a car mat. You can put it in the entrance – it will be convenient to wash the bike.
  • Ask the management company or the HOA for the key to the pantry, stroller or bike box, if they are in the house. Such places are often crowded, and it is not very convenient to bring the bike in and out, but there it will not be stolen and it will not interfere in case of emergency.
  • Hang storage brackets in a closed vestibule. But only in an agreed upon way, when the installation of doors was approved by the Housing Code of the Russian Federation, article 36 “The right of ownership to the common property of the owners of premises in an apartment building” by all residents of the house. It also happens that there is a vestibule, but there was no agreement. Then, in order for everything to be official, you also need to obtain permission from all residents at a general meeting or by absentee voting.