Xiaomi will disable photo syncing with Xiaomi Cloud

The company will refund the money for the subscription and offer to switch to Google Photos. cloud-ba6773b.jpg” alt=”Xiaomi will disable synchronization of photos with Xiaomi Cloud” />

Daria Gromova

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Xiaomi will disable photo syncing with Xiaomi Cloud< /p>

Xiaomi has been developing Xiaomi Cloud for a long time. Like iCloud on iPhone, the service allows you to upload photos and videos from your smartphone gallery to the cloud thanks to the Gallery Sync feature. But soon this will change – at least for global MIUI users.

On the official website of Xiaomi Cloud, they noticed a post about the imminent termination of Gallery Sync. It seems that they were going to publish it later: instead of specific dates and deadlines, there are stubs in the message, and soon after the discovery, access to the page was closed. But the screenshots remained on the Web:

Xiaomi will disable photo syncing with Xiaomi Cloud

Although there is no exact date in the publication, the year is – and this is 2022. Users who previously stored their photos and videos in the Xiaomi cloud will still be able to synchronize data – but through Google Photos .

In order to keep existing photos and videos, Xiaomi will provide a convenient way to transfer existing Gallery Sync content to Google Photos. In addition, users will be able to upload data from Xiaomi Cloud to their mobile device or PC.

The post mentions that the Google Photos migration window will close sometime in 2023. After that, all Gallery Sync data stored in the Xiaomi cloud will be permanently deleted.

When the changes take effect, Xiaomi will cancel the Xiaomi Cloud subscriptions and issue a refund. At the same time, there is no talk of disabling other Xiaomi Cloud functions such as synchronizing and backing up other data (contacts, messages, notes, etc.) in the original message.

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