Where to download presentation templates for free

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Where to download presentation templates for free

To use a template, simply download it from one of the listed sites and open in any program or any web service that supports PPT and PPTX formats.

If some fonts do not display correctly, you can download and install them separately. Links must be present on the template download page or on its last slide.

1. Slides Carnival

 Where to download presentation templates for free

Although Slides Carnival doesn't have many options for presentation design, most of them are rich and high-quality content. The templates on this resource, as a rule, consist of many slides and include backgrounds, fonts, icons, editable tables, graphs, charts and other content.

For easy search in the catalog, the site has thematic headings. With their help, you can quickly select templates for creative, business and other types of presentations.

Slides Carnival →

2. Showeet Templates

 Where to download presentation templates for free

Another resource that makes up for the small number of templates with quality content. Some of the suggested options contain not only backgrounds, images, icons and fonts, but also copies of the slides made in different color schemes – choose the design that best suits your presentation.

To simplify the search for templates on the site there is a keyword filter. They reflect the theme and colors of the slides or the objects present on them.

Showeet Templates →

3. Slide Hunter

Where to download presentation templates for free

The site contains a fair amount of a wide variety of templates – there are more than 6,700 in total. The quality varies, but quite often there are very carefully designed slides that will decorate any presentation. Templates are sorted into categories: timeline, roadmap, options with 3D elements, graphics, and so on.

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4. PoweredTemplate

Where download presentation templates for free

About half of the offers on the site are free – about 12,000 slides for every taste and color. The theme of the design is very different: finance, travel, business, charts and just abstractions. The templates are compatible not only with PowerPoint, but also with Google Slides and Keynote.

The only but: when using slides for free, you will have to indicate who the author is. The $8.25/month subscription eliminates this need.

PoweredTemplate →

5. SlideModel

Where free download presentation templates

When you create a free account, the service gives you access to 150 PowerPoint templates, and also allows you to download one additional one for free once a week. In total, the site has about 30,000 slides, but for full access to the collection you will have to pay $ 24.5. After that, you will have a whole day to download as many templates as you can.

However, free access is enough for most users. The blanks are sorted into categories, and in addition to the slides themselves, you can download individual design elements, diagrams and backgrounds for PowerPoint.

SlideModel →


Where to download presentation templates for free

The impressive collection of the ALLPPT (Free PowerPoint Templates Design) resource is very heterogeneous. Some templates boast a large number of slides with a high concentration of content, others consist of a couple or three of almost bare backgrounds. Therefore, to find something really worthwhile, you may need extra time.

Free presentation templates on the resource are grouped into categories: there are “Abstraction”, “Education”, “Nature”, “Finance”, “ Food”, “Business” and more.


7. PPTTemplate

Where download presentation templates for free

This resource offers a large selection of simple templates with a minimum number of elements on the slides. This format is best suited for cases where you need to quickly create a simple presentation without spending too much time customizing its content.

A typical PPTTemplate template includes several slides with different variations of the same background without additional elements. The site has a rubricator with a large number of topics – from animals to technology.

PPTTemplate →

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