WhatsApp is testing video call avatars and photo blur feature

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Daria Gromova

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WhatsApp is testing avatars for video calls and /></p>
<p>Enthusiasts from WABetaInfo discovered three new features in the WhatsApp beta that the messenger has not yet officially announced.</p>
<p>Since March, the messenger has been testing an analogue of Memoji – it was assumed that they would be used during video calls. And this was confirmed in the beta build, in which they found the “Switch to avatar” button. So far, nothing happens when you click on it: the function is probably still too raw, and you should not expect it anytime soon.</p>
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In the future, it will allow you to actively participate in video calls when you do not want to show your face, but it is important to demonstrate that you are there and actively listening. The interface also suggests that the user will be able to edit the appearance of the avatar, as well as use it to send stickers – again, just like Memoji from Apple.

In addition, WhatsApp is developing a photo blur tool. As the name implies, it will allow you to quickly cover up part of the image without using third-party editors.

WhatsApp is testing avatars for video calls and the photo blur feature

Another change will affect reactions to posts. So far, WhatsApp offers 6 emojis, but some users of the beta version of the messenger on Android and iOS have noticed an updated version of the reactions, which gives more freedom. In particular, a “+” icon has appeared to the right of the list of available emojis, by clicking on which you can select any emoji using the keyboard.

WhatsApp is testing avatars for video calls and photo blur function

Note that all three new features are currently only available in beta, with no fixed release date for the stable version.

Cover: Eyestetix Studio/Unsplash