WhatsApp has released a full-fledged application for Windows

Standalone messenger versions for macOS and iPad are also in the works. ” alt=”WhatsApp has released a full-fledged application for Windows” />

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WhatsApp has released a full app for Windows

WhatsApp has introduced a completely a new application for Windows users – without being tied to the web version. It does not require a mobile phone connection.

The program has a cleaner and neater interface compared to the previous version of the application, but otherwise it is not much different.

WhatsApp released a full app for Windows

The biggest change is that you no longer have to keep your smartphone online to sync messages. By simplifying the communication model, the messenger has become more convenient and faster.

The new WhatsApp can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store. Any computer with Windows 10 or Windows 11 will do.

App DeveloperPrice: Free

WhatsApp has released a complete app for Windows


Price: Free

WhatsApp developers note that work is also underway on a standalone app for macOS. Last month, it launched its first public beta, powered by Catalyst technology, which makes it easy to port iOS apps to macOS.

Also plans to release a separate version for iPad, but for now, a beta app for iPadOS has not been released yet.

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