WhatsApp began to hide the status of users by default

Strangers will no longer be able to follow when you are online. .jpg” alt=”WhatsApp started hiding user status by default” />

WhatsApp continues to work on the security of the service. To do this, we made changes to the default settings. The app now only shows your status to people in your contacts list by default, while before it showed your status to everyone.

Now see if you're online (or information about when and when you last logged in). times) only people who have your number, as well as those to whom you have already written before, will be able to. If you wish, you can strengthen the protection in the settings and prohibit the display of status for all users.

This feature is designed to protect users from advertising mechanics that use user status data to spam promotional messages.

Changes in the settings are distributed gradually and will soon be valid for all accounts.

Earlier, the service also added the ability to set automatic deletion of messages in all new chats. Another protective measure is the encryption of backups, which is gradually becoming available to all users.