“VKontakte” updates the design of the personal profile of users

“The focus is on individuality.”

«VKontakte» updates the design of personal user profile

Victor Podvolotsky

Lifehacker Author

VKontakte, as part of the next stage of the global update of the application, began to introduce a fresh design for the personal profile of users. Now it becomes the center of self-expression and a full-fledged digital business card .jpg” alt=””VKontakte” updates the design of the personal profile of users” />

In the foreground now are the basic data about the user, the button for quickly moving to contacts and detailed information about the account. Managing your profile and editing your information has become easier and more intuitive.

You can decorate your profile header with a photo or a view from the window, or you can upload a picture with your favorite football team or any other image as a cover.

«VKontakte» updates the design of personal user profile

A profile owner can add mini-applications with additional services for subscribers. For example, an illustrator can offer the audience a service for quickly ordering t-shirts with their own print directly from their profile.

Authors, on the other hand, get quick access to publishing in a wide variety of formats – with a single button, you can instantly go to create a post or story, posting a photo, video or clip, as well as launching the broadcast.

Earlier in August, VKontakte updated the feed and introduced the message translation function.

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