VKontakte launched a caller ID to protect against spam

The free service works without an internet connection. jpg” alt=”«VKontakte» launched a caller ID to protect against spam” />

The social network VKontakte announced a service for automatic number identification through the official mobile application. It runs in the background and uses machine learning to validate information. When a number is found in the database, the application adds a comment to the call screen, warning about spam or telling you from which company they are trying to contact you.

Calls from scammers and collectors, as well as “silent” calls, are marked as spam. You can turn on the function in the “Caller ID” section of the application: instructions on how to activate it on your device will appear on the screen.

To improve the database and the operation of the application, the service will offer to share feedback if the number is not yet in the database, but the algorithm will notice an unusual call duration or frequency.