Three new features appeared in Yandex mobile mail

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“Yandex” updates the mobile application of its mail service. Three new features will now be available to Android and iOS users.

Easy rule creation

Previously, users prescribed rules for letters in the settings manually, but now algorithms can do it. For example, if you usually transfer train and plane tickets to the “Trips” folder, the application will offer to create such a rule.

Unread list

A separate filter has appeared under unread letters. It will help you quickly find a missed message among those already read.

Pinned letters

Added a feature to pin important messages to the top of the message list. It will be useful in situations where, for example, you are going on a trip, and you should always keep a letter with tickets or hotel vouchers at hand.

Three new features appeared in Yandex mobile mail

Developers note that new features are available not only in the application, but also in the web version of Mail. On the computer, in addition to these improvements, there are reminders that allow you not to forget about important messages.

Mail is part of the Yandex 360 service suite, which also combines Disk, Documents, Telebridge, Calendar, and Notes.

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In Yandex mobile mail


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Three new features appeared in Yandex mobile mail


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