Study: More PCs run Windows XP than Windows 11

Are you still using this version? -11-b8f4321.jpg” alt=”Study: More PCs run Windows XP than Windows 11″ />

While Microsoft is heavily promoting Windows 11, distribution of this version has been slow. New market research from Lansweeper (an enterprise software customization company) shows that Windows 11 is not only inferior to the popular Windows 10, but older builds as well.

Windows 7 is running on about 4.7% of computers analyzed experts, and the share of Windows XP is 1.71%. And this is still more than Windows 11 with 1.44%. Windows 10 remains the undisputed leader – it is installed on 80.34% of computers. Such popularity is associated with the ease of updating at the release of the system – compared to the many limitations that Windows 11 has. -na-windows-xp-rabotaet-bolshe-kompjuterov-chem-na-windows-11-bee615c.jpg” alt=”Study: More PCs run Windows XP than Windows 11″ />

Lansweeper data, based on an analysis of 30 million computers from 60,000 companies and organizations, shows that only 44.4% of these machines meet Microsoft's conditions for upgrading to a new version of the system.

Although later Microsoft did allow you to manually install Windows 11 on incompatible computers, not everyone is ready to do this. In addition, it is important to consider that corporate computers were analyzed. System administrators are unlikely to take the risk of breaking a device with an update as long as Windows 10 is still receiving security updates and working correctly.