Скачать с Яндекс диска Udemy – VFX Masterclass 2024: AE + 3Ds Max + PFtrack + Tyflow + Vray

Скачать с Яндекс диска Udemy – VFX Masterclass 2024: AE + 3Ds Max + PFtrack + Tyflow + Vray

Duration 11h 53m Project Files Included MP4
What you’ll learn
You will be able to design 3D Models in 3Ds Max
You will be able to create Animations with Different Techniques
You will be able to understand 3Ds Max Completely from Scratch.
You will be able to use After Effects from Scratch
You will be able to use PFTrack to Track Motions and Solver Cameras.
You will be able to create Hollywood Level VFX
You will be able to use Tyflow to Create Simulations
You will be able to use V-ray to create Realistic Renders
You will be able to modify Footages and Xolor Grading

Embark on an immersive journey into the world of Hollywood-level Visual Effects with our comprehensive masterclass. Designed for aspiring VFX artists and seasoned professionals alike, this course provides a systematic and in-depth exploration of industry-standard tools such as 3Ds Max, After Effects, PFTrack, V-ray, and Tyflow.

1. From Zero to Mastery:

– Guided by seasoned industry experts, this course is tailored for beginners, ensuring a seamless progression from foundational concepts to advanced techniques. No prior experience is required; we start from ground zero.

2. Comprehensive Software Proficiency:

– Gain unparalleled mastery over essential VFX tools including 3Ds Max for advanced 3D modeling, After Effects for dynamic motion graphics, PFTrack for precision camera tracking, V-ray for photorealistic rendering, and Tyflow for cutting-edge particle simulations.

3. Professional Workflows:

– Learn the intricacies of Hollywood-level workflows employed in major studios. Acquire the skills to seamlessly integrate 3D elements into live-action footage, create stunning visual effects, and enhance your projects with industry-standard techniques.

4. Real-World Project:

– Put theory into practice with hands-on, real-world projects that simulate professional challenges. Develop a robust portfolio showcasing your newfound skills and apply them to practical scenarios encountered in the industry.

5. In-Depth Tyflow Integration:

– Explore the power of Tyflow, the industry’s go-to solution for dynamic particle simulations. Elevate your VFX compositions with fluid simulations, cloth dynamics, and other cutting-edge effects used in blockbuster productions.

6. Expert Guidance and Feedback:

– Benefit from personalized feedback and guidance from our experienced instructors. Navigate potential challenges with confidence as you receive insights from professionals who have contributed to Hollywood’s most visually stunning productions.

7. Certification of Completion:

– Upon successfully mastering the course, receive a prestigious certification recognizing your achievement. Showcase your skills and enhance your professional credibility in the competitive field of Visual Effects.

Elevate your VFX expertise and unleash your creative potential. Join our Master Hollywood-Level VFX course and unlock the secrets of industry-standard tools, empowering you to create visually breathtaking effects that stand shoulder to shoulder with the best in the business.

Enroll today and embark on your journey to becoming a VFX virtuoso.

Who this course is for:
Aspiring VFX Enthusiasts
Digital Artists and Designers
3D Modeling and Animation Enthusiasts
Motion Graphics Designers
Film and Video Professionals
Individuals Transitioning to VFX Careers

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