Скачать с Яндекс диска Udemy – Mastering Theater Lighting

Скачать с Яндекс диска Udemy - Mastering Theater Lighting

In 'Mastering Theater Lighting,' the course primarily focuses on providing comprehensive insights and practical knowledge in various aspects of theater lighting, including:
Understanding Lighting Fixtures: Exploring a diverse range of lighting fixtures such as PC, Fresnel, Profiler, PAR, MultiPAR, Flood, LED PAR lamps, and their practical applications on stage.
Strategic Positioning Techniques: Learning the strategic placement of lights (frontlight, sidelight, backlight, spotlight, toplight, cycloramalight) to create impactful visual narratives and evoke emotions during live performances.
Hands-on Experience: Engaging in practical exercises to craft lightplots, simulate lighting scenarios, and operate lighting consoles, gaining invaluable practical skills for real-world applications.
Technical Proficiency: Understanding the technical aspects of theater hangstructures, dimmers, circuits, and their critical role in managing and controlling stage lighting effectively.
Theory and Practical Fusion: Seamlessly merging theoretical foundations with practical applications, ensuring a comprehensive understanding and proficiency in both the principles and implementation of theater lighting.
Creating Captivating Visual Narratives: Empowering students to utilize lighting as a storytelling tool, enhancing the dramatic impact and overall ambiance of theatrical presentations.

Course content
10 sections • 35 lectures • 2h 15m total length


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