Скачать с Яндекс диска Udemy – Mastering Cinema 4D: Floating Ship in a Bottle Animation

Скачать с Яндекс диска Udemy – Mastering Cinema 4D: Floating Ship in a Bottle Animation

Duration 3h 2m Project Files Included MP4
What you’ll learn
students will learn to do fluid simulation
students will learn to do cloth simulation
students will learn to do camera animation and shading
students will learn to do photo realistic rendering and post editing

Embark on a cinematic journey as you learn to bring a ship to life inside a glass bottle using Cinema 4D. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced 3D artist, this course will guide you through the exciting process of fluid simulation, cloth simulation, camera animation, lighting, rendering, and post-editing. Descriptions of the animation course are as follows:

Introduction section

It starts with an introduction where insights into what is going on inside the animations are briefly discussed.

Fluid Simulation
it is about fluid simulation and gives in-depth knowledge about creating waves, foams, turbulence, and floating objects on fluid.

Cloth Simulation

The third section will teach you, how to do dynamic cloth simulation on cinema 4d.

Shading and Lighting

In this section, basic shaders are created using noise, bump, and image texture. later, all the geometries are shaded by dragging and dropping. IOR for water and glass, and how they create different looks are discussed.

lightings are done to create more glow to the animation.

Camera Animation and Rendering

In this section, Discussions are made on “How to animate a Camera so that only in the last few frames the existence of a glass bottle is revealed. Discussions are made on Rendering settings, rendering multipass, and beauty passes.

Post-editing and Conclusion

In this section, techniques and color corrections are used to get more beauty in the post-editing. Final Thoughts are given about the entire animation project.

Who this course is for:
those who want to create cool and creative animation and bring imagination into reality

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