Скачать с Яндекс диска Modern Market – The Photography Session Blueprint

Скачать с Яндекс диска Modern Market - The Photography Session Blueprint

Modern Market – The Photography Session Blueprint



I'm sharing my step-by-step process of creating sessions, directing to create authentic moments, and attracting dream clients — so you can start booking clients who truly value what you do, generate profit AND take your business full-time! – $97​
Module 1: Bringing Your Vision To Life
Module 2: Styling Your Session
Module 3: Directing Clients with Emotion
Module 4: Posing Prompts
Module 5: Shooting Your Session
Module 6: Post-Processing In Lightroom

  • Post Processing Video: Mastering Lightroom – $250 value

Have you ever wanted to watch someone's editing workflow? Then you'll LOVE this part of the class. I show you my entire process from start to finish editing two galleries, and you'll quickly see how to create beautiful consistent portraits using some of my favorite tools and tricks!

  • The Complete Posing Prompt Bundle – $45 value

My absolute favorite posing prompts to use to direct clients to create authentic moments during sessions.

✓ Create work you absolutely love, and attract ideal clients who hire you because you're the only one they want to work with and in turn charge according to what you need to make to take your business full time rather than offering discounts to get clients to book.

✓ Style sessions that line up with your personal vision, as well as help your clients make the right decisions on what to wear and how to show up to your sessions, so they end up exactly like you both hoped.

✓ Understand how to naturally direct clients to evoke beautiful emotions. You'll even understand the science behind WHY directing clients this new way works and why in the past you struggled to create that connection between clients.

✓ You'll see the entire process and experience it first hand so you'll know exactly how to it for future sessions. Since you and I will go through the process of putting out a casting call, styling a session, choosing your client, directing your clients and shooting a complete session that is 100% lined up with your vision within the class, you'll easily be able to shoot more sessions and book more clients following these same steps.

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