Скачать с Яндекс диска Mark Metternich – New Mastering Camera RAW – Lightroom RAW

Скачать с Яндекс диска Mark Metternich - New Mastering Camera RAW - Lightroom RAW


***The NEW, completely remade from scratch, most popular video tutorial to date! Camera Raw and the Raw adjustments in Lightroom (Develop Tab) are still the very best in the business!
For those wanting excellence in their photography, the raw converter is an absolute must to master!
This is a totally clean, loss-less, artifact-free space inextricably connected to all the original data your camera captured. One main "secret" to masterful quality photography and clean, incredibly detailed master printmaking is getting every drop out of the raw converter!
There are no exceptions to this. In this most comprehensive, power-packed 4+ hour video tutorial no stone is left unturned!
Digital Imaging Specialist Mark Metternich will take you through ALL the tools in raw to help you take your raw processing to the highest level desired or possible. Intelligent custom default settings (presets) will be discussed in length to have a much better base to begin adjustments, as well as an exhaustive workflow in Raw on several images to help teach various full approaches to mastering every facet of raw processing to produce an image that is excellent, even before entering Photoshop!
A truly generous amount of free techniques are added throughout the video such as Color Management, Various Blending methods, Raw Smart Objects, Color Balancing, Localized work in Layers and so much more! *See below for recent testimonials about the video.​
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