Скачать с Яндекс диска bennettfilm.com – Eric Bennett – Mindset Chapter 1: “Immersion”

Скачать с Яндекс диска bennettfilm.com - Eric Bennett - Mindset Chapter 1: "Immersion"

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About the mindset series:
I’ve made this audio series in order to help you get into a more creative mindset before going out to make photographs. The thoughts, lessons, exercises, and techniques I will share in these different chapters will help you to think more creatively, consider more photographic possibilities, and see more potential in the landscape, lighting, and weather, wherever you may be.

While I have written dozens of articles and recorded many tutorial videos that cover all kinds of different techniques, approaches, and theory of nature photography, they must all be viewed at home on a computer, and in the hustle and bustle of modern life, it can be so easy to forget even the most profound, helpful things we learn. If you have a full work schedule, it can also be hard to find any time to study photography before an upcoming trip.

So much of the time we spend as photographers happens between making photographs, in our cars as we drive from location to location. And it’s simply not possible to read through an article or follow a video while on the road. Realizing this, I saw an opportunity to use this spare time to help you transition into the creative zone by giving you things to think about before arriving at the trailhead. This way, you will already be in the right state of mind to make photographs and your eyes will be more open to potential scenes. My hope is that I can help you to think differently and see the world in new ways. I’m going to try my best to encourage you to explore outside of your own creative box, challenge common beliefs, and give you new ideas of how to make unique, meaningful, and expressive photographs with your equipment.

Whether you’re on a long drive across the country or just heading to a local spot for the afternoon, you can listen to one lesson at a time or go through this entire chapter. Regardless, the things you learn will be fresh in your mind so that you can easily apply them. Putting new techniques, ideas, and knowledge into practice is the best way to gain a true understanding of them and make sure they become permanent.

About Mindset: Chapter 1 – "Immersion"
This first chapter of the Mindset audio series focuses on ways that you can connect with the landscape on a deeper level and practice photography in a more mindful, creative way. For this first chapter, I've included new revisions of some of my most impactful and thought-provoking articles and essays that I have published in different magazines in the past, as well as 5 brand new lessons. I hope that this series will help you to see your surroundings with new eyes, approach photography in a more thoughtful, personal way, and know how you can express yourself more fully through your photographs.

Lessons (Run Time: 3 hrs 50 min)
1. "A Bridge, Not a Barrier"
2. "A Peculiar Apparatus"
3. "The Perils of Pressure"
4. "The Internal Conditions"
5. "So What?"
6. "Become What You Are"
7. "Hidden Costs"
8. "A Fork in the Road"
9. "The Means, Not the End"
10. "The Courage to Stand Alone"
11. "The Medium and the Message"
12. "Know thy Subject"

Скачать с Яндекс диска bennettfilm.com - Eric Bennett - Mindset Chapter 1: "Immersion"

Скачать с Яндекс диска bennettfilm.com - Eric Bennett - Mindset Chapter 1: "Immersion"