Скачать с Яндекс диска Alessandro Di Cicco – Mastering Portraiture: Unleashing Your Inner Artist

Скачать с Яндекс диска Alessandro Di Cicco – Mastering Portraiture: Unleashing Your Inner Artist

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Updated and Published:February 22, 2024
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In my class, you will delve into a comprehensive journey through the art of portraiture. You’ll master various techniques, including correctly reading a photo, color grading, color toning, skin retouching, full portrait retouching, background retouching using cloning, and even sky replacement. Additionally, you’ll learn how to infuse your portraits with emotion, depth, and personality, elevating your photography to a whole new level of excellence.

Why You Should Take This Class:

Taking this class isn’t just about learning technical skills; it’s about transforming your approach to photography and unleashing your creative potential. By mastering the art of portraiture, you’ll gain the confidence to produce captivating images that stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re a professional photographer looking to enhance your offerings to clients or an enthusiast eager to expand your artistic horizons, this class is your ticket to unlocking new levels of success and fulfillment in your photography journey.

Why is the Topic or Skill(s) You’re Teaching Important?

Portraiture is a timeless art form that has the power to capture the essence of humanity in a single frame. By mastering the skills taught in this class, you’ll not only become a more proficient photographer but also a more perceptive observer of the world around you. Portraits have the ability to evoke emotion, tell stories, and forge connections between the subject and the viewer. In an age where images saturate our daily lives, the ability to create compelling portraits sets you apart as a photographer with a unique vision and voice.

How Are the Skills Useful to Your Students?

The skills you’ll acquire in this class are incredibly versatile and applicable across various photography genres. Whether you’re shooting portraits professionally or simply capturing moments with friends and family, the techniques you learn will enhance the quality and impact of your photographs. From enhancing facial features to seamlessly blending backgrounds, the possibilities are endless when you have a solid foundation in portraiture.

In What Ways Can Students Apply Those Skills?

Once you’ve mastered the techniques taught in this class, you’ll find countless opportunities to apply them in your photography endeavors. Whether you’re shooting portraits for clients, creating personal projects, or even exploring fine art photography, the skills you learn will serve as valuable tools in your creative arsenal. You’ll have the confidence and expertise to tackle any portrait project with precision and artistry, delivering stunning results every time.

Why Should Potential Students Learn from You?

As an internationally recognized portrait photographer with over 8 years of teaching experience, I bring a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and passion to my classes. My work has been published in over 30 nations worldwide, and I’ve been honored as one of the top 5 most influential portrait photographers in the world. With a unique style that blends technical proficiency with artistic vision, I’m dedicated to empowering my students to reach their full potential and achieve their photography goals.

Who This Class is For:

This class is perfect for anyone with a passion for photography and a desire to elevate their skills to new heights. Whether you’re a beginner looking to build a strong foundation in portraiture or an experienced photographer seeking to refine your techniques, this class offers something for everyone. From amateurs to professionals, anyone who wants to take their portrait photography to the next level will benefit from the comprehensive instruction and hands-on guidance provided in this course.


To get started, all you need is your camera, a willingness to learn, and an open mind. Throughout the course, I’ll provide valuable resources, including downloadable practice files, tutorial videos, and supplementary materials to support your learning journey. Additionally, you’ll have access to a supportive community of fellow students where you can share ideas, ask questions, and receive feedback on your work. Ready to embark on an exciting adventure into the world of portraits? Enroll now and let’s create some magic together!

Скачать с Яндекс диска Alessandro Di Cicco – Mastering Portraiture: Unleashing Your Inner Artist

Скачать с Яндекс диска Alessandro Di Cicco – Mastering Portraiture: Unleashing Your Inner Artist