Poll: What VPN do you use?

Or are you not relying on third party solutions and have your server configured? alt=”Poll: What VPN do you use?” />

VPN services break all records of popularity in Russia. This is also noted in the data.ai application download charts (formerly this data aggregator was called App Annie). As of April 5, the top 10 in terms of downloading free apps on iOS included 8 VPN services, on Android — 5.

Poll: Which VPN do you use?

RBC notesVPN services have become the most downloaded in Russia More on RBC: https://www.rbc.ru/technology_and_media/01/03/2022/621cecaf9a79478ba20fb807/RBC that Russians are interested in VPN began to grow from February 24. At the same time, online gaming continued to grow in popularity, and independent media app downloads also increased.

Which VPN service do you use? Maybe you have several applications installed at once, or have you even set up your own server? Share your experience and recommendations in the comments!