Nobody likes stock apps: App Store study published

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Apple has published the results of an App Store study conducted by experts from the Analysis Group and funded by Apple itself. The data clearly shows that users prefer third-party apps over standard services that come pre-installed on iPhone and iPad.

The reason is the ease of choosing another platform from a large number of alternatives. For example, Spotify instead of Apple Music, Google Maps instead of Apple Maps, and Netflix instead of Apple TV+. At the same time, standard programs can be easily removed so as not to take up memory with a bunch of applications with the same functions.

The study also notes:

  • For some categories of applications, third-party solutions remain the only option, because there is no alternative from Apple. This applies to social networks, dating services, and travel and food ordering applications.
  • iPhone users often use multiple applications in the same category. This is especially true for applications for communication, reading news, watching videos and navigating. This opens up additional opportunities for developers.

However, despite these findings and the desire for freedom of choice, Apple will continue to strive to prevent the ability to install applications on iPhone not from the App Store. Third-party stores with their own payment systems should not be expected in the near future either.

You can read the full report on the results of the study here.