New iOS Apps & Games: Best of July

The most interesting and useful new items in the App Store for the month. ijul-0164f7a.jpg” alt=”New apps and games for iOS: the best of July” />

Artyom Kozoriz

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New apps and games for iOS: Best of July


1. Flowductive

A task manager that teaches you how to maintain work-life balance. When you add a case to Flowductive, you specify one of the categories – the one to which it belongs and which it improves: physical or mental health, work tasks. This allows you to visually assess the balance of the day and be more productive.

Flowductive →

2. SongSwipe

An application to expand the musical horizons, working on the principle of Tinder. Indicate your preferences by choosing one of your favorite genres, artists or tracks, and swipe to the side as you listen to the recommendations. After that, all the songs you like will be in separate playlists that can be transferred to Apple Music and Spotify.

SongSwipe →

3. Battery Widget

A useful utility that shows the remaining battery power of all your devices, including Mac, iPad and Apple Watch. Each device has its own version of the application, after which the data is displayed in a custom widget.

Battery Widget →

4. RonRon

A fairly realistic cat purring simulator that will help you relax, meditate or just get distracted. In addition to the recorded sound of the purr, the Taptic Engine vibration in the smartphone is activated, which allows you to achieve the effect of an almost real cat.

RonRon →

5. Soundscape

Another application for meditation and relaxation. To immerse yourself in the desired state, pre-configured audiovisual scenes are used for different occasions: sleep, relaxation, focus. You can change animations in the app, set a timer, and broadcast audio and video via AirPlay to your TV and other devices.

Soundscape →


1. HOOK 2

A minimalistic puzzle game with meditative gameplay in which you must extract all the hooks from the 3D intricacies. With each level, new game mechanics are added, like switching wires or buttons, so you definitely won't get bored.

HOOK 2 →

2. Pet Rock

Unusual Tamagotchi, where a cute round stone acts as a pet. It is essentially a digital version of a real toy that sold millions of copies in the 1990s. The stone is unpretentious in care: you need to play with it, wash it and put it to bed. He will delight you with his brilliant appearance.

Pet Rock →

3. Chefy-Chef

A fun pixel art platformer in which you'll have to help the chef collect ingredients for his favorite salad while traveling through different worlds through a black hole in the refrigerator. Against numerous enemies, you will have culinary tools in your arsenal, as well as superpowers and bonuses hidden in each level.

Chefy‑Chef →

4. The Sea of ​​Death

A mysterious adventure game about adventures on a ship whose captain was killed under mysterious circumstances. You play as a guy who became a bystander to a crime and immediately after that ended up on a seaweed farm with no memory. Now he needs to piece together memories and escape from a terrible place.

The Sea of ​​Death →

5. Room 666 – Hotel Orpheus

An intriguing horror game with puzzle elements in which you will learn the details of the history of the cursed room at the Orpheus Hotel. On the night of Halloween 1976, terrible events took place here, and paranormal phenomena were involved in them. Your task is to resist the forces of evil and escape from this hell.

Room 666 — Hotel Orpheus →

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