Netflix will charge for using family accounts in different locations

Sharing a password and splitting the payment won't be so profitable anymore. -v-raznyh-mestah-5901127.jpg” alt=”Netflix will charge for using family accounts in different locations” />

Many users of family subscriptions use this opportunity to cooperate with friends and acquaintances: it turns out to be more profitable than several individual subscriptions. Some even use one profile for several people to pay even less. But the services obviously don't like it. Netflix decided to “clear up the misunderstanding about when and with whom you can share the password.”

The corresponding post appeared on the official Netflix blog. It notes that the use of one account in several homes negatively affects the ability of the service to invest in new films and series for subscribers.

In 2021, the service was exploring possible ways to easily and securely share account access with people living elsewhere. As a result, testing of two new features will begin in the coming weeks:

  • “Add additional user”. Owners of the standard and premium subscriptions will be able to add additional accounts for two users who do not live with them in the same house – each with a separate profile, personal recommendations, login and password. It will be cheaper than a regular subscription – $ 2-3 per profile.
  • Transferring a profile to a new account. Users who were previously connected to a basic, standard or premium account will be able to switch to a new or connect as an additional user, preserving their browsing history, lists and settings.

For now, these changes will only affect accounts, registered in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru. Although additional users will be able to connect at a discount, this will still increase the overall cost of the subscription and make family accounts less profitable for those who do not live together.