Microsoft makes it easier to choose a default browser in Windows 11

It looks like the grievances have been heard. jpg” alt=”Microsoft has made it easier to choose the default browser in Windows 11″ />

Microsoft has faced a big wave of discontent after complicating the process of changing the default browser in Windows 11. It seems that the corporation has heard dissatisfied users: in the new Windows 11 beta build made it much easier for Insiders to change their default browser.

German publication Deskmodder reports that in Windows 11 Build 22509, a default browser selection button appeared in the settings, while in the current stable version, you must choose a default application to open each type of file or link (and the list is rather big: HTM, HTML, PDF, SHTML, SVG, WEBP, XHT, XHTML, FTP, HTTP and HTTPS).

Microsoft has made it easier to choose the default browser in Windows 11

Third-party browsers will still only prompt you to become the default browser once, and if you miss this opportunity, you'll have to fiddle with settings – but now at least it won't take you a few minutes.

Though it will put an end to one of Microsoft's most vexing strategies to keep Windows users from giving up from Edge, she wasn't the only one. For example, earlier this week, users started complaining that Edge discouraged downloading Chrome.