Microsoft launches Smartphone Link, an updated app to connect Windows and Android

Fresh design and new features. i-android-f63a364.jpg” alt=”Microsoft launches Link to Smartphone — updated app for connecting Windows and Android” />

Microsoft is renaming its Your Phone app to Link to smartphone” (Phone Link) and updates its design to match Windows 11.

Microsoft launches Link to Smartphone — updated application for connecting Windows and Android

The developers have also made several functional changes:

  • you can now make calls directly from conversations by clicking on the call icon;
  • you can send links from your smartphone to your computer through the “Share” menu in your mobile browser, selecting “Link to smartphone” there;
  • the area for sending messages has become noticeably more convenient, for which a more compact view has become available;
  • quick actions have become available for notifications (delete, reply, archive);
  • the number of displayed photos from a smartphone has been increased to 2000.

Some features may not be available immediately after the update.

As a reminder, the Your Phone app was launched over three years ago as the primary way to link an Android smartphone to a Windows PC. With it, you can view messages, calls, photos, and notifications on your mobile device directly from your computer.

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Microsoft launches

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Microsoft launches Link to Smartphone — updated application to connect Windows and Android< /p>


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