Microsoft Defender Antivirus is out on Android, iOS and macOS

Not to be confused with Windows Security.

Microsoft Defender Anti-Virus is now available for Android, iOS and macOS

Daria Gromova

Lifehacker Author

Microsoft Defender Antivirus is out on Android, iOS and macOS

Microsoft has introduced a new “antivirus companion” Microsoft Defender for Android, iOS, macOS and Windows. Specific features vary by platform, but should not be confused with the standard Windows antivirus, it is a separate, more secure solution that is only available to Microsoft 365 subscription holders (personal, family, or business premium).

The app has a new interface and designed to complement the built-in protection of various systems. On Windows, the new Microsoft Defender will work in conjunction with Windows Security (yes, the former “Defender”), on iOS, along with Apple's security mechanics. Android and macOS do not have built-in antiviruses, so Microsoft Defender will act as a traditional antivirus on such devices.

On Android, the app can scan other programs for malicious code, as well as provide protection against phishing by scanning links. iPhone will also get protection against phishing while browsing the web.

Microsoft Defender will also provide an overview of the security status of all your devices across platforms. Owners of the main family subscription account will also be able to view the security issue report of other family members.

The application can be downloaded for free on any device with iOS, Android, macOS or Windows, but it will not work without a subscription. Download links are available on the Microsoft website.

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