Microsoft blocked Windows 11 updates for Russia

There is a solution, and you probably know it.

Microsoft blocked Windows 11 updates for Russia

Victor Podvolotsky

Lifehacker Author

Microsoft has blocked Windows 11 updates for Russia

Microsoft has blocked the option to upgrade Windows 11 to latest version in Russia. Izvestia writes about this with reference to software specialists.

We are talking about a fresh update of Windows 11 22H2, which was released quite recently. Some standard applications were updated in it, including Explorer and Camera, a focus function appeared, as well as a number of other useful solutions.

Vedomosti later added that from Windows 10 to Windows 11 in Russia now it won't update either – when you try to download the installer, an empty browser window opens.

Sources note that small security patches for users from Russia are still available – there is only no way to download large updates that bring something to the system. However, this problem is solved by using a VPN.

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