Intel introduced the Unison application for synchronization of smartphones with the PC

Another service that allows you to receive calls from your laptop and quickly share files. smartfonov-s-pk-c10187b.jpg” alt=”Intel introduced the Unison app for synchronizing smartphones with PC” />

Viktor Podvolotsky

Author of Lifehacker

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<p>Intel has announced its own solution for connecting smartphones running iOS and Android to computers running Intel processors. The program is called Unison.</p>
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With its help, after a simple one-time setup, the user will be able to work with the mobile phone functions directly from the screen of his computer. Unison allows you to:

  • make and receive calls;
  • receive and send text messages;
  • share photos and files;
  • receive notifications from various applications and in some cases respond to them.

Unison will first be rolled out to select laptops with 12th generation Intel Evo processors from Acer, HP and Lenovo. Later – on other devices. Models with 13th generation processors will join them early next year.

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