In September, Windows 11 will have folders in the “Start”, a new “Task Manager” and more

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Microsoft plans to release the next major update to Windows 11 version 22H2 on September 20th. This is reported by sources familiar with the plans of the company.

Windows 11 will bring Start folders, new Task Manager and more in September in Windows 11

Microsoft has been testing Windows 11 22H2 for several months. The update should include a number of important improvements. These include:

  • the ability to use folders in the Start menu;
  • the ability to drag files to the taskbar;
  • redesigned “Task Manager” with a dark interface mode and new options for controlling system resource consumption
  • improved Snap Layouts and window dragging functionality;
  • new touch gestures and animations.
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    Start folders, new Task Manager and more coming to Windows 11 in September


    Also with 22H2, Microsoft will add a new accessibility feature, Live Captions, which will be useful for people who are hard of hearing, as well as for those who want to automatically add subtitles to audio.

    And another new feature coming soon – tabs for “Conductor”. However, according to Windows Central, they will appear after the release of the 22H2 update, but before the end of this year.

    Those who do not want to wait until September can test the Windows 11 22H2 update preview through the beta testing program.

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