How to set up Face ID with a mask in iOS 15.4

The new feature also works with glasses.

How to set up Face ID in a mask with iOS 15.4

On March 14, Apple released the stable version of iOS 15.4. One of the biggest (albeit belated) changes is the ability to use Face ID while wearing a mask on the iPhone 12 and 13.

Previously, this required an Apple Watch, but now the smartphone performs an additional scan of the area around the eyes at a higher resolution to recognize the user even when half of the face is masked. After installing iOS 15.4 on a compatible smartphone, you will immediately be prompted to set up this feature, but you can also do this through the settings. To do this:

How to set up Face ID in a mask with iOS 15.4

  1. In the settings, open the section “Face ID and passcode” and enter the password from your smartphone.
  2. Toggle the switch next to “Face ID in mask” to the active position.
  3. Tap “Use Face ID in mask” → “Get started”.
  4. Following the instructions on the screen, place your face in the frame and turn your head in a circle – as with a normal Face ID setup.

It is important to note that the scan must be performed without a mask on the face. When everything is ready, you will return to the Face ID setup section. If you wear glasses, tap on the new “Add glasses” option so that your smartphone can recognize you with two obstacles at once. The function will not work with sunglasses and tinted glasses.

How to set up Face ID in a mask with iOS 15.4

After saving the new settings, the iPhone should more accurately recognize the user's face and ask for a passcode less often.