Google will not check how app data from Google Play is used

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Daria Gromova


Google will not check how app data is handled from Google Play

Earlier this year, Google Play began showing what data apps collect about users. The new section gradually appeared in the cards of an increasing number of programs, and from July 20 should become mandatory for everyone. But shortly before the release, it became known that Google does not check the data provided by the developers.

Mishaal Rahman, technical editor of Esper, a cloud platform for managing Android devices, drew attention to this. He noticed that instead of the “Permissions” section, the app page now says “Data Security”. According to the Google Play support site, it is the developer's responsibility to provide this information:

You [the developers] are solely responsible for providing complete and accurate information on your app's Google Play page. Google Play checks apps for compliance with all policy requirements; however, we cannot communicate on behalf of the developers how they handle user data.

Only you have all the information you need to complete the data security form. If Google becomes aware of a discrepancy between the behavior of your application and the specified data, we may take appropriate measures, including enforcement.

Google technical support

In other words, developers themselves declare how and why they dispose of user data, and Google will only double-check this in case of mass complaints.

It is worth noting that the App Store works on the same principle – and a large-scale Washington Post study in 2021 showed that not all information provided by developers is true.

Cover: Mika Baumeister/Unsplash