Google Play will stop downloading apps abandoned by developers

Already this year.

 Google Play will prohibit the download of applications abandoned by developers

Google plans a large-scale purge of the Android app store from obsolete programs. The company has officially warned developers that from November 1, 2022, Google Play will not show in search results and allow downloading applications that have not been adapted for modern versions of Android.

However, this does not mean that support for the most new build of Android: the application needs to be adapted to a major version of the OS that was released at least 2 years ago. That is, in November (when Android 13 is already released), applications must be adapted to at least Android 11.

Google Play will prohibit downloading applications abandoned by developers

Changes are due to the fact that such applications can not only not work well on modern devices, but also give attackers access to vulnerabilities discovered since the release of the latest version of such a program.

Google noted that most of the applications in the store already comply with the new standards, so these changes will not affect them. Other developers will have enough time to put their projects in order. To make their work easier, the Google Developers website published instructions for adapting applications to the modern API.