Google Play will have a “Deals” section with the best discounts on all content

All promotions for games, applications, books and movies in one place.


Google announced the launch of a new “Offers” section in the Play Store, under which the fifth tab on the bottom panel. This section will help you find out about discounts on all content and special bonuses.

The implementation of the tab is in full swing, and in the coming weeks it will be available to users in the United States, India and Indonesia, and later in 2022 will appear in other countries.


Inside the section you will find:

  • sales on apps and games tailored to your interests, as well as in-game items;
  • package offers, namely free shipping, trips and other bonuses in various services;
  • discounts on movies and books , including rental offers that help you save on content rentals;
  • New items with a free trial, such as 30-day access to all features or content.