Google Play began to show what data applications collect about users

It will also allow you to find out for what purpose certain information is requested. prilozhenija-sobirajut-o-polzovateljah-ae74c49.jpg” alt=”Google Play has begun showing what data applications collect about users” />

Google has announced a special security section in the Google Play store. It will let users know what data apps are collecting and whether they are sharing it with other services.

Google Play started showing what data applications collect about users

Also, information about the security of personal data, including encryption and the ability to delete all personal information.

In front of each item, information will be displayed on the purpose for which the application requests certain data. For example, some information may be required for feedback, while others may be required solely for setting up ads. All of this will be visible.

Developers will need to complete this section for their apps by July 20th. On Google Play, it began to appear from today, but will be distributed gradually.