“Google Lens” in Chrome for PC learned to recognize and translate text in pictures

It also allows you to find the source of an image, which can be useful when looking for a higher resolution.

Google Lens in Chrome for PC learned to recognize and translate text in pictures

The version of Google Lens included with Chrome for desktops has received a major update . Now the service allows not only to recognize objects in pictures, but also to recognize text, as well as translate it.

All these functions work by right-clicking on the image and selecting “Find using Google Lens”.

A new window will open with three buttons in the picture to search for objects and work with text. The language will be recognized automatically, and the translated text itself will be displayed both on the picture and to the right of it. Text can be opened in Google Translate and quickly copied.

Another useful innovation is designed to partly solve the problem with replacing the standard image search. It's about the new “Find image source” button, which is displayed in the picture above after clicking “Find through Google Lens”.

This button allows you to open a new search page, from where you can already go to similar images or to a possible source where this image is available in maximum resolution.

All innovations are available in Chrome 100 for Mac, Windows and Chrome OS. Refresh your browser to access them.