Google announces new ways for Android to interact with Windows, Wear OS and TV

One-click pairing, quick headphone source switching, surround sound, and more.

Google announces new ways to connect Android to Windows, Wear OS and TV

At CES 2022, Google announced its plans to create a simple and convenient ecosystem for connecting and using various devices. In particular, the developers paid attention to the expansion of Fast Pair, new features using Bluetooth and Android synchronization with Windows. We chose the main thing.

Fast Pair

The Fast Pair feature, which helps you instantly pair your Android phones with Bluetooth accessories, can now also provide fast pairing with TVs and smart home devices.

In a few weeks, Fast Pair will also be available on Chromebooks, allowing you to connect compatible headphones to laptops with one click, and a little later, they will add support for devices based on Google TV and Android TV. Fast Pair can also be used to quickly add new Matter-enabled smart home devices to your Google Home network and other applications.

Google announced new ways to interact Android with Windows, Wear OS and TV

By connecting your Android smartphone to your Windows PC with Fast Pair, you can quickly set up your Bluetooth accessories, sync text messages, and share files with Nearby Share. Google is working with Acer, HP, and Intel to bring these features to some new laptops for the first time this year.

Unlocking Devices

Today, unlocking a Chromebook is easy with an Android phone, and in In the coming months, a similar capability will be added to Wear OS smartwatches so you can instantly access your Android laptop, phone or tablet.

Already available on select compatible Samsung and Pixel smartphones with Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology, the digital car key feature will now allow you to lock, unlock and start select BMW models without even taking your phone out of your pocket. You can also securely and remotely share this car key with friends and family.


Google is developing technology for Bluetooth headphones that will automatically switch between sources. For example, if you are watching a movie on your Android tablet with headphones and receive a phone call, the video will be paused, the sound in the headphones will automatically switch to your smartphone, and then back to the movie when the call ends.

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In addition, Google is enlisting the support of some audio device manufacturers to add Chromecast to more soundbars and speakers. An example is Bose, which will show several new products with this technology in the next few months.

Also coming soon are Google's spatial sound headphones, which will add an immersive experience by adapting the sound based on your head movements. Yes, exactly like Apple.

All these innovations will be rolled out gradually over the course of 2022.