Google and Samsung create a one-stop fitness app sync platform

Now various services for health and sports will be able to use each other's data.

Google and Samsung have created a universal platform for synchronizing fitness apps

Viktor Podvolotsky

Author of Lifehacker

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<p>Google and Samsung have teamed up to create Health Connect, a platform and API that will provide developers with a set of tools to sync user health data across various Android apps and fitness -devices.</p>
<p>This single hub should make it easier to keep track of information about physical activity and body condition from various sources.</p>
<p>Once the user consents to the processing of data, developers will be able to collect statistics in encrypted form on their device. This applies to steps taken, heart rate, calories burned, and so on. The user will be able to choose what information to share and with which applications.</p>
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Health Connect already supports more than 50 types of data in various categories, ranging from activity tracking and body characteristics to monitoring sleep cycles and diet.

Samsung Executive Vice President Taejong Jay Yang noted that Samsung Health will also switch to Health Connect later this year. With user permission, developers will be able to use the accurate and optimized data captured from the Galaxy Watch in their apps.

Health Connect is currently in open beta, available to all Android developers. In addition to Samsung, Google is also working with MyFitnessPal, Leap Fitness, and Withings as part of its early access program. Google Fit and Google-owned Fitbit are also set to roll out to Health Connect, meaning the technology should be available for the Pixel Watch later this year.