Full List of Features Supported by Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro Listed

The interactive cutout supports over 40 usage scenarios. iphone-14-pro-062aa8b.jpg” alt=”List full list of features supported by Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro” />

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Full List of Dynamic Island Supported Features on iPhone 14 Pro Listed

In a recent review of Apple's flagship smartphone, tech blogger Marques Brownlee listed all use cases for the Dynamic Island notch, the long-awaited iPhone notch update.

System notifications

  • incoming call;
  • AirPods connection;
  • Face ID;
  • Apple Pay;
  • CarKey (unlock car doors with iPhone);
  • unlock Apple Watch;
  • AirDrop;
  • battery low;
  • connect to charging;
  • turn silent mode on and off;
  • NFC operations;
  • AirPlay;
  • “Focus” function;
  • “Shortcuts”;
  • turning airplane mode on and off and mobile internet;
  • SIM notifications;
  • accessory connection;
  • Enable the Locator feature.

Live Activities Notifications

This is what Apple calls icons that aren't disappear from the screen until the action is completed.

  • current call;
  • SharePlay;
  • player;
  • timer;
  • maps navigator;
  • voice recorder;
  • screen recording;
  • tethering mode;
  • microphone and/or camera on.

Apps with player notifications

  • Spotify;
  • Stitcher;
  • Audible;
  • Amazon Music;
  • NPR One;
  • Overcast;
  • Pandora;
  • YouTube Music;
  • < li aria-level="1" style="">SoundCloud.

Apps with call notifications

  • WhatsApp;
  • Google Voice;
  • Instagram*;
  • Skype.

Also in the upcoming version of iOS 16.1, the interactive screen cutout will support the Live Activities API, a notification system that will allow app developers to control alerts.

Users who have already held the iPhone 14 Pro , note the incredible fluidity of Dynamic Island animations. For example, if you exit the Clock app with the timer turned on, the recorded time will instantly be displayed on the notch. A long press on the Dynamic Island interactive area opens an application widget through which you can control the player, calls, and other functions.

*Meta Platforms Inc. activities. and its social networks Facebook and Instagram are banned in Russia.

Cover: Marques Brownlee/YouTube