Earth.fm – Spotify for nature sounds

Listen to the sound of the forests near Tver or the colony of penguins in Argentina. ” alt=”Earth.fm — Spotify for nature sounds” />

Daria Gromova

Lifehacker Author

Earth.fm — Spotify for nature sounds

Enthusiasts have launched the Earth.fm website, where you can listen to the sounds of nature from different parts of the world. You can select the location of interest on the world map. Each card lists a specific location, a description of the sounds, and the local environment (such as a rainforest, grassland, or semi-desert pond).

Earth.fm — Spotify for nature sounds

This is usually recordings up to 10 minutes long, but there are also live broadcasts that last several hours. They are marked with a special icon on the map.

Earth.fm — Spotify for nature sounds

The service is completely free and has no ads. Instead, each audio card offers links to charities that support the region's nature, and the project's blog highlights various initiatives to improve the environment.