Chrome for iOS has a password manager and improved translator

And the Enhanced Safe Browsing mode will now allow you to check the safety of visited sites on iPhone and iPad. menedzher-parolej-i-uluchshennyj-perevodchik-52e177b.jpg” alt=”Chrome for iOS now has a password manager and improved translator” />

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In Chrome password manager and improved translator for iOS

The iOS version of Chrome browser has received an update to version 104 with several important improvements and features, some of which have been available on Android for a long time.

  • One of them is a password manager that uses the data stored in the browser to automatically log in to various applications and services.
  • Another new feature is Enhanced Safe Browsing, which allows you to automatically check the security of websites you visit on iPhone and iPad.
  • Chrome will also now warn you if your username and password have been compromised in a leak. A notification will appear when data is entered on the website.
  • What is not yet available on Android is opening the start page every time you restart Chrome. According to a Google blog post, this should make it easier to find new content in Chrome for iOS when you've been away for a while.
  • Those who rely on Chrome's built-in translation tools may benefit from the updated language identification model . Google says this new version will help you pinpoint the language of the page you're visiting and whether it needs to be translated.
  • Finally, Google tweaked the three-dot menu so that the most frequently used items are available at the top.

Chrome for iOS is rolling out gradually and may be available soon.

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Chrome for iOS has a password manager and improved translator


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