Apple will teach iPhone to identify fake AirPods

No one will forbid their use, but it will be more difficult for unscrupulous sellers to sell copies under the guise of the original. poddelnye-airpods-574deb7.jpg” alt=”Apple will teach iPhone to detect fake AirPods” />

Daria Gromova

Lifehacker Author

Apple will teach iPhone to detect fake AirPods

Edition 9to5Mac found in the firmware iOS 16 Release CandidateRC – the final beta before the open release. Usually does not differ from the final assembly. a new feature that was not announced at WWDC. It warns users when connecting fake AirPods: the message “Cannot verify the authenticity of AirPods” will be displayed.

If the wording sounds familiar, then you are not mistaken: a similar inscription appears in the settings if you put a non-original part like a battery. However, in the case of AirPods, the pop-up window will also have the “Do not connect” option. But the system does not prohibit the use of such headphones.

This is useful, given how well third-party manufacturers have learned to copy Apple headphones: they can even activate system functions like automatic connection and battery level indication.

It is noted that the function will only work with devices that simulate AirPods: when connecting Galaxy Buds or other third-party headphones, this notification will not be displayed.

Cover: Dagny Reese/Unsplash