Apple Allows Apps to Raise Subscription Prices Without Users' Consent

If you miss the notification, you may not even notice that the service has risen in price. -soglasija-polzovatelej-f279ed6.jpg” alt=”Apple has allowed applications to raise the cost of subscriptions without user consent” />

Daria Gromova

Lifehacker Author

< p>Apple allowed apps to elevate the cost of subscriptions without the consent of users

On May 16, Apple officially updated the policy for changing the cost of subscriptions. Developers can now increase the price of subscriptions without requiring users' consent – but with the mandatory warning in the form of email, push notifications and in-app messages.

Previously, when prices increased, users had to manually accept the changes before the end of the active period, otherwise the subscription would not be renewed and had to be re-subscribed at the new price. Apple notes that this was an inconvenience to users who forgot to agree to the new terms and were left without the required subscription.

It is noted that it will be possible to increase the price of a subscription with advance notice only once a year. Apple also made sure that unscrupulous developers do not use this feature to deceive users by setting price increase limits: no more than $ 5 (and 50% of the current value) for a monthly basis or $ 50 (and 50% of the current value) for an annual one.

That is, if the subscription cost $2/month and the developers increased the price to $5, there is no automatic transition: even though the increase is less than $5, it is more than 50% of the original price. In this case, as before, the user must agree to the subscription under the new terms before the end of the paid period, or the subscription will be canceled automatically.