“Alice” learned to call numbers from the contact list

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“Alice” learned to call the list of contacts from the mobile applications “Yandex” and “Yandex.Maps”. This feature will allow you to contact someone when you can’t be distracted, for example, while driving or while caring for a child.

To call, just say: “Alice, call your mother” – and she will dial the number if you open it to her access to contacts. And the assistant can also call emergency services – for example, you can ask her to call an ambulance.

  • If there are two contacts in your list with the same name, “Alice” will clarify who exactly you need to call and which one from numbers, if several phone numbers are indicated in the contact card.
  • Also, “Alisa” can quite cope with rare names and surnames, including those recorded in the address book in transliteration.
  • If necessary, access You can close the contact list for Alice by deleting the data in your Yandex ID account.
  • In order for calls to work, the Yandex and Yandex.Maps applications need to be updated to the latest version.
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