A list of Xiaomi devices that will be updated to MIUI 14 has appeared on the Web

28 smartphones will be left behind. 14-cf48c85.jpg” alt=”A list of Xiaomi devices that will be updated to MIUI 14 has appeared on the Web” />

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< p> A list of Xiaomi devices that will be updated to MIUI 14 has appeared on the Web based on internal firmware testing information.</p>
<h2>Incompatible devices</h2>
<p>These are the smartphones that will stay on MIUI 13 and will only receive security updates from now on. According to the list, Xiaomi stops releasing major updates for devices that remain on Android 11.</p>
<li>Mi 9/9 SE/9 Lite/9 Pro</li>
<li>Mi 9T/Mi 9T Pro</li>
<li>Mi CC9/Mi CC9 Meitu</li>
<li>Redmi K20/K20 Pro/K20 Pro Premium</li>
<li>Redmi 10X 4G/10X 5G/10X Pro</li >
<li>Redmi Note 9/Note 9S/Note 9 Pro/Note 9 Pro Max</li>
<li>Redmi Note 8/Note 8 Pro/Note 8T</li>
<li>Redmi 9/9A/9AT/9i/9C</li>
<li>Poco C3/C31</li>
<h2>Compatible Xiaomi devices</h2>
<li>Xiaomi 13/13 Pro (not shown)</li >
<li>Xiaomi 12/12 Pro/12 Ultra/12 Lite</li>
<li>Xiaomi 12X</li>
<li>Xiaomi 12S/12S Pro/12S Pro Dimensity Edition</li>
<li>Xiaomi 12T/12T Pro< /li>
<li>Xiaomi 11T/11T Pro</li>
<li>Xiaomi Mi 11/Mi 11 LE/Mi 11 Pro/Mi 11 Ultra/Mi 11 Lite 4G/Mi 11 Lite 5G/11 Lite 5G NE</li>
<li>Xiaomi 11i/11i Hypercharge</li>
<li>Xiaomi Mi 11X/Mi 11X Pro</li>
<li>Xiaomi Mix 4</li>
<li>Xiaomi Mix Fold</li>
<li >Xiaomi Mix Fold 2</li>
<li>Xiaomi Civi</li>
<li>Xiaomi Civi 1S</li>
<li>Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite</li>
<li>Xiaomi Mi 10/10 Pro/10 Lite/10 Zoom/10 Ultra</li>
<li>Xiaomi Mi 10i 5G</li>
<li>Xiaomi Mi 10S</li>
<li>Xiaomi Mi 10T/Mi 10T Pro/Mi 10T Lite</li>
<li>Xiaomi Pad 5/Pad 5 Pro/Pad 5 Pro 5G</li>
<h2>Compatible Redmi devices</h2>
<li>Redmi Note 11/Note 11 5G/Note 11 SE/Note 11 4G/Note 11 Pro/Note 11 Pro 5G/Note 11 Pro+ 5G</li>
<li>Redmi Note 11T 5G</li>
<li>Redmi Note 11S/Note 11S 5G</li>
<li>Redmi Note 10/Note 10 5G/Note 10 Pro/Note 10 Pro 5G/Note 10 Pro Max/Note 10 Lite</li>
<li>Redmi Note 10S</li>
<li>Redmi Note 10T 5G/Note 10T ( Japan)</li>
<li>Redmi Note 9 4G/Note 9 5G/Note 9 Pro 5G</li>
<li>Redmi Note 9T 5G</li>
<li>Redmi K50/K50 Pro/K50 Gaming</li>
<li>Redmi K50i/K50i Pro</li>
<li>Redmi K50S/K50S Pro</li>
<li>Redmi K40S</li>
<li>Redmi K40/K40 Gaming/K40 Pro/K40 Pro+< /li>
<li>Redmi K30S Ultra</li>
<li>Redmi K30 4G/K30 Pro/K30 Ultra</li>
<li>Redmi Note 8 (2021)</li>
<li>Redmi 10/10 5G/10 Power/10A/10C/10 (2022)/10 (India)</li>
<li>Redmi 10 Prime/10 Prime+ 5G/10 Prime (2022)</li>
<li>Redmi 9T</li>
<li>Redmi 9 Power</li>
<li>Redmi Note 11E/Note 11E Pro</li>
<li>Redmi Note 11T Pro/Note 11T Pro+</li>
<h2 >Poco Compatible Devices</h2>
<li>Poco M2/M2 Reloaded/M2 Pro</li>
<li>Poco M3/M3 Pro 5G</li>
<li>Poco M4/M4 Pro 4G/M4 Pro 5G</li>
<li>Poco M5</li>
<li>Poco M5s</li>
<li>Poco X4 GT/X4 Pro 5G</li>
<li>Poco X3/X3 NFC/X3 Pro/X3 GT</li>
<li>Poco F4</li>
<li>Poco F3/F3 GT</li>
<li>Poco C40/C40+</li>
<p>MIUI 14 expected will be presented together with Xiaomi 13 and 13 Pro – tentatively in November. The new flagships will ship with MIUI 14 based on Android 13 out of the box, and some devices on the list will be content with the version based on Android 12.</p>
<p>Xiaomi regularly cancels updates for devices scheduled for the update if stability is not achieved turned out, so the lists may change by the end of the year.</p>
<p> Cover: Goutham Binuraj/Unsplash</p>
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