7 terrible sins against your health

Smoking, taking antibiotics and more.

The 7 worst sins against your health


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7 terrible sins against your health

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We are all sinners, of course. But there are things that are difficult to explain with logic. For example, why do we continue to do things that will eventually lead to an early and perhaps quite painful death. Let's talk about the seven terrible sins against health, take communion and set you on the right path.

Methodology. We took the most common causes of death in our population and the habits or behaviors that most often lead to them. So it turned out the ranking of sins. Of course, there are many more, but, in the humble opinion of our incomparable editors, these seven are the scariest.

It is a sin not to monitor the pressure

High blood pressure is one of the most striking causes of strokes, heart attacks, coronary heart disease, kidney failure and other troubles. And this problem becomes relevant not only at 65. The trick is that the increase in pressure is not felt, and if you do not check it periodically, you may miss a huge risk factor. Therefore, watch the pressure!

To prevent the pressure from killing you, you can protect yourself from this sin. Your recipe: exercise, less salt in the diet, more sleep, less stress and alcohol. Not completely, but at least a little less. If you have high blood pressure in the 30s and nothing helps to reduce it, run to a cardiologist – humanity has good medicines.

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Smoking is a sin

I'm sorry, but yes. Blah blah blah, you're tired of hearing that smoking is dangerous. But it most often leads to conditions that then kill us. Heart attack, stroke, a bunch of cancers (not just the respiratory system) – all this provokes smoking. It damages the skin and teeth. Smoking is somehow the most illogical if you are planning a long and happy life. And some ridiculous reason to die, by golly. Be stronger than smoke. We believe in you!

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It is a sin not to lose weight

Let’s make a reservation right away: in no case are we trying to shake you by the tummy or delicious legs, the main thing is to monitor the body mass index, and not the forms. If the index is out of healthy range, it is better to reduce weight. Unfortunately, excess weight is associated with heart problems, cancer, and diabetes.

The most common cause of excess weight is an imbalance in nutrition and a low level of physical activity. Try to add more vegetables to your diet and cut down on processed meats. And also move. At least walk in the evenings.

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It's a sin not to get screened for cancer

The situation with cancer is as follows: there are some factors that are most strongly associated with its occurrence. And there are ways to reduce mortality from certain types of cancer – this is called screening.

Screening is not a whole body check and not tests for tumor markers (they are only done for people with oncology, if someone offers you to take tumor markers to look for cancer, run). Screening can only be done for certain particularly dangerous types of cancer, for which there is definitely a way to make a difference. By the way, this screening is in the medical examination, you do not need to pay for it. Medical examinations are held every three years, and with age – once a year.

  • After 45, women get mammograms (breast cancer is the #1 killer of women).
  • After 60, you can get tested for occult blood in the stool, and if something goes wrong, only then do a colonoscopy.
  • This is how colorectal precancer and cancer are detected.
  • If you smoke, it is better to do a low-dose CT scan of the lungs.
  • Men from a certain age need to be tested for PSA – it will help catch prostate cancer.
  • And women from the age of 21 do Pap every three years. a test to catch precancer of the cervix and prevent a dangerous tumor from happening.
  • You can also show the doctor a mole of a strange shape – this will help catch melanoma or skin cancer. You can protect yourself from it with the help of a cream with SPF. Try to use face creams with SPF all year round.

Here are a few ways to protect yourself from cancer. It's pretty counter-intuitive to ignore them.

  • A useful test from the Not in Vain Foundation on your personal cancer risks.

It's a sin not to get vaccinated

Even 80 years ago, people were dying in batches from infections, to which they later managed to pick up the key. Vaccines have become them – they protect us from very unpleasant, painful and nasty infections, of which only smallpox has been completely destroyed so far. Yes, yes – one has only to fall into herd immunity, as soon as an outbreak. Remember, for example, measles in Europe a couple of years ago.

Agree: it is better to protect yourself from danger in advance than to wait for help in the form of medicine when the thunder strikes. So get vaccinated. In adulthood, some of the children's need to be repeated (for example, from tetanus). If you have not had chickenpox, it is better to get vaccinated against it. Well, a classic: flu and corona shots will help you cheerfully survive any winter.

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It is sinful to sit still for days on end

We have already written that sitting is ultimately dangerous almost the same as smoking. Movement is life, really. Therefore, try to move and get up more often. Breaks after calls, walks, yoga, active sports, cleaning, dancing naked – everything will do. The main thing is less sitting, because, again, heart attacks, strokes, and that's it.

  • Labor defense teaches you to warm up at work.

It is a sin to play around with antibiotics

An antibiotic is a medicine that fights a bacterial infection. Viruses are not treated with antibiotics. Antibiotics should always be drunk to the end. Also, it makes no sense to drink antibiotics for prophylaxis or just in case: why do you land a trained army where there is no battle?

In addition to the lack of logic, there is another unfortunate consequence of taking antibiotics incorrectly: because of this behavior, we will all die. Yes, even those who, in general, did not abuse. Because in this way we show the bacteria our weapons, they drag all the schemes to the rear – and now new, protected and mutated bacteria are ready to join the battle.

In science, this is called antibiotic resistance. Simply put, if you keep messing around with antibiotics, they will stop working for banal infections. And now we're dying of the plague (again) If you think that this generation will not be affected by the situation, here's a fact for you: at the last conference on HIV, scientists discussed that in 2-3 years there would be nothing to treat gonorrhea of ​​the throat. (Think about where the gonorrhea in the throat comes from.)

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Bonus sin: not taking care of your health teeth. A quality life without teeth is a utopia. Plus, it's really expensive to replace them. Brush your teeth and use dental floss. One day you will thank yourself for this.

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Do not sin and be happy!

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